Why Expressive-Experiential-Somatic Modalities

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ~ Mary Oliver

The emerging scientific evidence has strengthened the inter-play of the imaginal, symbolic and metaphoric resources alongside cognition for well-being, healing and growth. Besides verbal language, the Expressive-Experiential-Somatic modalities are our natural inheritance. They are indicated in phrases we use like, "I can smell the fear, "I am giddy with excitement", I feel stuck", "they have a chip on the shoulder", or "I have my back to the wall"? Spotlighting our mind-body and spirit facilitates the following benefits. 

  • Integration of the brain and body (left & right planes) through intentional gross and micro-movements.

  • Sensory and nervous system regulation to foster relational safety, somatic resourcing and ventral vagal engagement.

  • Consolidating implicit memory, tacit emotions, sensory integration and unmetabolised memories through mindful harvesting and enacting our impulses in the 'here & now'.

  • Soothing traumatic stress symptoms include anxiety, chronic pain, depressed mood, hypervigilance and emotional dysregulation through somatic attunement.

  • Expressing complex emotions such as shame, guilt, abandonment etc., to rewire patterned procedural tendencies.

Session Flow