Dear one

Your efforts in seeking support is a step in paying attention and centring yourself. I validate you in whatever brings you here.

The medical-cognitive-behavioural-psychological frameworks override our (lived) body to classify everything as a dysfunction or disorder. The felt sense of disquiet emerges due to distress, overwhelm and/ or dysregulation in pivotal moments in life. Sensations of unease in the body-mind-emotions are felt, shaped and experienced as anxiety/depression, chronic pain/migraine, body dislikes, fears, low self-esteem, loneliness, guilt/shame, isolation, impulsivity, or self-blame.  

I am a body-led, neurobiology-inspired, and culturally affirming trauma therapist. I trust the wisdom of our expressive and imaginative body to resource young adults and adults. I lean into the creative-experiential-psychodramatic approaches, somatic frameworks, and relationality to scaffold my therapeutic approaches. I have a deep reverence for our emotive landscape and in-body curiosity as an encourager of healing and transformation.

I affirm your adaptive choices (even the unconscious ones) as  coping creatively with the absences, complications, wounds, disruptions, stressors and/or trauma. I  trust the implicit ways as a wise companion to navigate the challenging path of traumatic stress and adversity embedded in misattunement, developmental history, neglect, abuse and/ or  violence. I  believe in our body's profound wisdom and its ability to transform. I long for a world when our bodily impulses, emotional imprints, and relational patterns seen as unique and valuable gifts. 

Please consider booking a 15-minute Zoom no-obligation consultation to determine if I can support your therapeutic needs for in-person sessions @ Preston or Bundoora in Melbourne (Narrm).

I like to conclude by sharing the tender words of Rachel Naomi Remen, "reclaiming ourselves usually means coming to recognise and accept that we have in us both sides of everything. We are capable of fear and courage, generosity and selfishness, vulnerability and strength. These things do not cancel each other out but offer us a full range of power and response to life. Life is as complex as we are. Sometimes our vulnerability is our strength, our fear develops our courage, and our woundedness is the road to our integrity. It is not an either/or world. It is a real world". 

Namaste & Thank you  

Jaya Narayan (She/Her). 

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