Dear one

I appreciate your time here. I wish to recognise the significance of paying attention to what you may need for yourself now. We experience dis-ease, distress and/ or dysregulation at varying moments in life. They may be felt, shaped and experienced as anxiety/depression, chronic pain/migraine, body dislike, fears, low self-esteem, loneliness, guilt/shame, isolation, impulsivity, or self-blame. 

The medical-cognitive-behavioural-psychological frameworks  ignores our lived body and brackets everything as a dysfunction or disorder. 

I like to pause here and honour your biology and its adaptive expressions thus far.

Your responses make sense. 

I appreciate all your choices (even the implicit ones) as  the best way to cope with the absences, complications, wounds, disruptions, stressors and/or trauma which were perhaps embedded in misattunement, developmental history, neglect, abuse and/ or  violence. 

I recognise that our bodily impulses, biological imprints, emotional residues, implicit meanings, and relational ways are ingenious treasures. They illuminate  the arduous terrain of navigating  traumatic stress. I have learnt that by appreciating our emotive landscape and in-body curiosity, we can foster integration and transformation.

Namaste. My name is Jaya Narayan (She/Her). I am a body-led, neurobiology-inspired, and culturally affirming trauma therapist. I trust the wisdom of our expressive and imaginative body with Creative-Experiential-Psychodramatic approaches, Somatic frameworks, and Relational attunement to scaffold the therapeutic approaches to resource female-identifying adults.

Please consider booking a 15-minute Zoom no-obligation consultation to determine if I can support your therapeutic needs for in-person sessions at Eve Studio@ Preston, Melbourne (Narrm).  

I like to end with one of my favourite quote by Ben Okri, "the most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering".

I see you. You matter.

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