Therapeutic Groups

There is a natural order and harmony to this world, which we can discover. But we cannot just study that order scientifically or measure it mathematically. We have to feel it - in our bones, in our hearts, in our minds ~ Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

In a therapeutic group, we interweave Expressive art(s) therapy, Psychodrama, Somatics, and Process work. In a group process, we experience creative play, relational risk-taking and experimentation. Group membership fuels our psycho-biological hunger for belonging, regulation and interpersonal safety 

A participant expresses, "Jaya's group offered a powerful journey where I securely reconnected with my body, unlocking profound insights about yourself. Jaya's inclusive approach to facilitation truly stands out and earns my admiration. Her neuroaffirming ways created a welcoming space for a myriad of expressions, making the experience both enriching and unique. I highly recommend Jaya's group to anyone seeking a transformative and all-embracing exploration of self".

Therapeutic group(s) presents an exquisite canvas for shared connections, insights and capacity building.

Another participant expressed, "I learned more about myself, and it gave me a chance to check in with my body and give it space to be held and seen. I love the experience of sharing with the group, each of us showing compassion and kindness towards each other.

Brochure -Experiential group for Young people

Custom-design strengths-oriented body-mind-emotional wellbeing group/ workshop by intersecting creative play, psychodrama, somatics and movement modalities for ages 14+. 

Brochure - Experiential group for women