Why Experiential-Expressive-Somatic modalities?


Healing is an ongoing, organic process, not a single “big bang” moment. ~ Pat Ogden


The emerging scientific evidence has strengthened the inter-play of the imaginal, symbolic and metaphoric resources besides cognition for healing and growth. Recent neuroscience research proves that 93% of communication is pre-verbal (e.g. via tone of voice, gestures, posture, micro-movements, facial expression, felt sense and five-sense perception), while 7% is through speech.


Gendlin revealed that at the heart of therapeutic change is a felt sense aiding sensing, symbolising, and resonating. More recently, polyvagal studies have expanded the significance of regulation neuroception and co-regulation as markers for well-being.


Together, scientific evidence and ancient knowledge robustly scaffold the Experiential-Expressive-Somatic modalities.

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